2022 Topps Sterling Baseball Hobby Box

2022 Topps Sterling Baseball Hobby Box

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2022 Topps Sterling Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (1) Autographed Relic Card #'d to 25 or less
  • (1) Autographed Relic Card or (1) Unique Relic or Autographed Relic Card #'d 1-of-1

2022 Topps Sterling Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Autographed Relic Card #'d to 25 or less and (1) Relic Card #'d 1-of-1 or (1) Autographed Relic Card #'d 1-of-1 in Every Box!
    • Each of the below feature ON-CARD autographs, two relic pieces, and #'d to 25!
    • Sterling Debuts - Select members of the 2022 rookie class take center stage with their first on their first autographed relic cards.
    • Sterling Seasons - Highlighting a season of greatness.
    • Sterling Strikes - Some of the best pitchers of the past and present are highlighted here.
    • Sterling Swings - The league’s best batsmen get highlighted.
      • Parallels for each of the above:
        • Blue Parallel - Featuring 3 relic pieces and #'d to 10
        • Red Parallel - Featuring 4 relic pieces and #'d to 5
        • Silver Parallel - Featuring 5 relic pieces and #'d 1-of-1
    • Sterling Sets Dual Autograph Relic Cards - Players sharing a common bond are paired with ON-CARD autographs and two relic pieces #'d to 15.
      • Red Parallel - Featuring 4 relic pieces (2 per athlete) and #'d to 5
      • Silver Parallel - Featuring 6 relic pieces (3 per athlete) and #'d 1/1
    • Sterling Sets Triple Autograph Relic Cards - Notable trios are featured with ON-CARD autographs and relic pieces (1 per athlete), #'d to 10
      • Red Parallel #'d to 5
      • Silver Parallel #'d 1-of-1
    • Sterling Splendor JUMBO Autographed Patch Cards -Top tier talent is showcased alongside a JUMBO patch alongside ON-CARD autographs, #'d to 5
      • Red Parallel #'d to 3
      • Silver Parallel #'d 1-of-1
  • Amazing Unique Relic Cards - ALL #'d 1-of-1! (2)in Every Case!
    • Topps Sterling Jersey Letter Patch Cards - Featuring OVER-SIZED relics of the featured player’s jersey letter patches!
    • Topps Sterling Bat Knob Cards - Showcasing game used bat knobs from greats of the past and present!
    • Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Knob Cards - Featuring ON-CARD autographs!
    • Topps Sterling Bat Nameplate Cards - Unique pieces containing player names emblazoned on a game used bat!
    • Topps Sterling Autographed Bat Nameplate Cards - Featuring ON-CARD autographs!
    • Topps Sterling Cut Signatures - Greats from baseball, politics, and entertainment!
    • Legendary Relics - Highlighting Hall of Fame members and other legendary MLB names with three pieces of game used memorabilia!
    • Legendary Cut Signature Relics - Vintage cut signatures alongside two game used relics.