2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball Box

2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball Box

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2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (36) Insert Cards

2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Base Cards - 200 of the game’s most popular superstars, rising young players and new rookies. Includes cards of players that will be featured in 2019 Topps Baseball Series 2!
  • Parallel Cards: Opening Day Edition - LIMITED to 2019Opening Day 1/1 Edition - #'d 1/1, Printing Plates - #'d 1/1
  • Insert Cards - (1) in Every Pack!
    • Opening Day – Celebrating the start of the season, these cards capture the pageantry of the 1st game played during the 2018 MLB season.
    • NEW! 150 Years of Fun - Candid shots of players enjoying the game from across the history of professional baseball
    • NEW! Sock It To Me! – Imagery featuring players wearing high socks
    • NEW! Rally Time – Featuring players celebrating, performing team signs/handshakes, wearing rally caps, and other "rally time" superstitions
    • Mascots - Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphized creatures take top billing in this set.
    • Team Traditions & Celebrations – Celebrating iconic and unique events
    • Dugout Peeks – Get a glimpse at some of your favorite players as they watch the game, interact with teammates, or just relax within the confines of the team dugout
    • Base Card Variations - 30 players will receive image variation base cards featuring a completely different image from the 2018 MLB season
  • Autographs & Relic Cards
    • Opening Day Autographs – Up to 20 MLB rookies and stars are celebrated on cards that feature their signature.
    • NEW! Base Card Variation Autograph Parallels
    • Mascot Autographs
    • Opening Day Relics – Collectors will “Own the Game” with these cards that contain pieces of game-used memorabilia
    • Mascot Relics and Mascot Autograph Relics
    • NEW! Diamond Relics and Diamond Autograph Relics – Featuring a player and dirt from the baseball diamond from his home stadium. Look for special autograph versions!

Release date 3/13/2019.