2018-19 Panini Immaculate Basketball Box

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2018- 19 Panini Immaculate NBA Basketball Cards Box Hits:

  • (3) Autographed Cards
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards

2018-19 Panini Immaculate NBA Basketball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • Immaculate is known for its patch autographs, and 2018-19 is no differentNEW in 2018-19ALL Rookie Patch AutographsPremium Patch Autographs and Patch Autographs are printed on stunning acetate technology!
    • Rookie Logoman Autographs - Chase one of the pinnacles of collecting - the Rookie Logoman Autographs which feature 40 of the NBA's top rookies and are all numbered 1-of-1!
      • Dual Rookie Logoman Autographs feature unique pairings of all the best NBA rookies!
    • Dual/Triple/Quad Autographs - Showcase some phenomenal combinations of rookies, stars and legends!
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • Pull oversized and super prime memorabilia throughout Immaculate Collection! Find unique swatches, including brand logos, shoe soles and more!

Release date 8/28/2019.