2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Hobby Box

2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Hobby Box

2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy NHL Hockey Cards Box Break:

  • (1) Base Set, Base Set Rookies SP - Red Parallel, Auto or Metal/Tech Card
  • (8) Base Set Red Parallels (50% of these cards, on average, will feature a bounty scratch-off code)
  • (12) Inserts
    • (5) 2030, Star of the Show and/or Thrill Rides Cards
    • (3) Light Up the Night Cards
    • (3) Cranked Up! Cards
    • (1) Flammable, Waffleboarded, Barnburners, Let’s Goooooooo!, or Fearless Leaders Card
  • (3) Rookie Journey and/or Synergistic Duos

2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy NHL Hockey Cards CASE Hits:

  • (6) Autographed Cards
  • (2) Cast for Greatness Cards
  • (2) Cast for Greatness*, #'d Base Set and/or #'d Purple Parallel (Unsigned) Cards
  • (2) StarQuest '98 Retro Cards
  • (3) Red Rookie SP Cards

2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy NHL Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 2022-23 Synergy Hockey boasts a 125-card base set featuring low-#’d veterans, legends and rookies (regular and SP). With true rookie cards #’d to just 24 and the veteran and legend cards #’d to just 14, making the Synergy base set HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE!
    • The base set breaks down as follows: Veterans (1-60), Legends (61-75), Rookies (76-115) and Rookie SP’s (116-125).
    • Collect both Red and Purple Parallels of the complete base set. Fifty-percent of the Red Parallel Cards, on average, feature a Bounty Scratch-Off Code and collecting the complete Red Parallel Set could earn you AMAZING Bounty Award Cards. All of the Purple Parallel Cards are #’d to 99 or less and many will feature an autograph.
    • Also, keep an eye out for low-#’d (all #’d to 25 or less) Portrait and Auto Portrait Variations of the Rookie SP’s.
  • NEW Insert Sets! The latest edition of Synergy features five compelling NEW insert sets:
    • Barnburners!: This flaming hot insert set features top veterans, rookies and legends who are sure to bring the intensity! Lucky collectors can find the rare Spectrum parallel #’d to 25.
    • Fearless Leaders: This 25-card insert set features some of the greatest captains in the history of the NHL and a selection of their iconic quotes. Be on the lookout for the rare Spectrum parallel #’d to 25.
    • Flammable: Another scorching hot insert set! This set features players who have explosive talent and can change the game at any moment. The low-#’d Spectrum parallel (#’d to 25) is sure to be a hot addition to any collection.
    • Let’s Goooooooo!: This set is sure to get collectors fired up! This 25-card insert set highlights some of the biggest stars of the game celebrating and showing emotion at pivotal moments in the season. There is also a Spectrum parallel #’d to 25 of this invigorating set.
    • Waffleboarded: Goaltenders collectors rejoice! This 10-card insert set features the games top goaltenders on an awesome retro-inspired design. Try and find the Spectrum parallel #’d to 25.
  • Chase and look for the BIG HIT Metal Cards, Cast for Greatness, featuring top rookies, superstars and retired legends on an ALL-METAL trading card. Also look for even BIGGER HITS: Cast for Greatness Signatures cards #’d to just 25!
  • The popular serial numbered Rookie Journey and Synergistic Duos inserts are back, each with an expanded parallel lineup.
    • The Rookie Journey insert consists of three subsets (Draft, Home Uni, Away Uni) and sports three existing parallels: Green (#’d to 399) Parallel to go along with the returning Red (#’d to 599) and Gold (#’d to 149) Parallels.
    • The Synergistic Duos insert, featuring two players from the same organization, also consist of three subsets: two current stars, one current star and one legend, and one current star and one rookie. In addition to the returning Red (#’d to 599) and Gold Parallels (#’d to 149), there is a Green Parallel (#’d to 399).
  • Look for StarQuest and SUPER RARE StarQuest '98 Retro Gold Auto (#’d to just 5!) perimeter Die-Cut Cards featuring many of the top players in the game today.


  • The Mission - Be one of the first 25 collectors to complete 125-Card Base Set - Red Parallel Bounty set. Each box contains, on average, (8) Red Parallel cards - half of which, on average, will feature a bounty scratch-off code.
  • Award Cards to Earn:
    • First 10 - The first 10 collectors who collect & redeem the complete bounty set will be awarded both the 125-card Gold Base Set #’d to 25 AND the Gold Cast for Greatness Metal Set #’d to 10!
    • Next 15 - The next 15 collectors who collect & redeem the complete bounty set will be awarded the 125-card Gold Base Set #’d to 25!
  • Redeem all bounty cards at UpperDeckBounty.com. For more information about the bounty program, visit the site on or after release date.