Spotlight #7 - Bowman 1st Baseball

Spotlight #7 - Bowman 1st Baseball

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You are purchasing a spot for a random team in a group break of the following products:

- 1 box of 2020 Bowman 1st Edition

- 1 box of 2017 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball

- 1 box of 2015 Topps Series 2 Baseball Jumbo

An estimated 5 hits are likely for this break.

This is to be broken during regular broadcast hours on the TSBN YouTube channel (  30 total spots will be randomly awarded between all break participants via Random.ORG, with a 5-minute trade period before the case is broken. (A replay of the break will be available shortly after the broadcast.)  

Any boxtoppers and/or mystery redemptions without a team named will be randomly awarded through all participants. All cards from the break will be sorted by team name and ready for local pickup (Bloomington) by Sundays at 2PM Central, with hits, various parallels, and SP cards toploaded and sorted. No hitless break credits or additional prizes will be awarded.

Spotlight Mixer Bonus Bounty Entries

Each break participant is entitled to bonus entries in our "Bounty" giveaway. 10 (ten) bonus prizes will be awarded incrementally via Random.ORG, and will be determined randomly by the initial random results. TSBN determines which bonus bounties are available, and does not designate or specify an exact or future value on the bounties awarded.

  • Every break spot is eligible for one entry in the Bonus Bounty, based on the paid team spot.
  • Early Bird entrants (as determined by TSBN) may be awarded one (or more) bonus entries into the Bonus Bounty.
  • Additional spots will be awarded at TSBN's discretion.
  • The final number of bonus entries will vary.

Please review the additional TSBN Terms & Conditions prior to broadcast.