2020 Leaf Metal Pop Century Hobby Box

2020 Leaf Metal Pop Century Hobby Box

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2020 Leaf Metal Pop Century Trading CardS Box Hits:

  • (4) Autographed, Multi-Signed, Cut Signature or Memorabilia Cards

2020 Leaf Metal Pop Century Trading CardS PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (4) Autographed, Multi-Signed, Cut Signature or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • Base Autographs - Features an amazing checklist with the widest selection of signatures in pop culture history including Harrison Ford, Joe Montana, John Travolta & MANY More!
    • Heart Breaker Signatures - A look at stunning beauties featuring Alicia Silverstone, Meg Ryan, Nina Dobrev & MANY More!
    • Keeping It Real - Mark Cuban & MORE!
    • Co-Stars Dual &Triple Autographs - Co-Stars from such franchise properties as Star Wars, Cheech & Chong and The Office!
    • Classic Roles - Iconic roles from entertainment history like Bud Fox played by Charlie Sheen in Wall Street and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Starnager Things!
    • Pop Century Wardrobe Cards - This enhanced set now features celebrity worn clothing from some of entertainment's most exceptional names. For 2020, a vast majority of these cards feature multiple swatches with at least 2 and as many as 8 swatches per card!