Football Retail Rally #3 - 7/24 @ 7:30

Football Retail Rally #3 - 7/24 @ 7:30

  • $25.00

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The "Football Retail Rally #3" will take place on*, conditional to broadcast limitations or cancellations.

You are purchasing an "Football Retail Rally #3" mixer spot, which entitles you to at least 1 random football team in this mixer. This will break @ 7:30 pm Saturday 7/24 at, and up to 32 spots will be sold. Break if sold out:

  • 2020 Prizm Mega Box

  • 2020 Select Mega Box (Purple Prizm)

  • 2020 Prizm Blaster Box 

  • 2021 Donruss Elite Hobby Box

How the Football Retail Rally Works

We will fund this break with current-year and former-year hobby and retail products, based on how many total spots have sold. Each spot adds $25 in break value to the break, with a maximum break value of approximately $800, based on 32 total spots sold and available bonuses upon sellout. The more spots that sell, the better the break will be!

In the event the break does not sell out, participants will be awarded additional team spot(s), randomly determined based on the total number of spots sold. For example: If half of the break (16 spots) have sold, the break will be reduced in value (approximately $400 worth of product), but increased in odds (everyone would receive two teams instead of one).Your purchase of a Retail Rally spot does not guarantee you will receive a card.

The break begins with a dice roll via Random.ORG to determine how many times the list of participants (and available teams or packs) will be randomed. For simplicity, no trades will be permitted after the random results. The final teams list will be shared via a Google Drive link to all participants.

Team spots will receive all cards for that team from the break. However, this break does not offer hitless hobby packs, and there may be team spot(s) that don't receive a single card.

Cards will be ready for pickup or shipped by Mondays.