2022 Topps Tier One Baseball Hobby Box -12 Box Case

2022 Topps Tier One Baseball Hobby Box -12 Box Case

  • $2,340.00

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Configuration: 12 boxes/1 pack/3 cards

2022 Topps Tier One Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (2) Autographed Cards
  • (1) Relic Card

2022 Topps Tier One Baseball Cards CASE HitS:

  • (1) Tier One Autographed Card
  • (3) Additional Relic Cards

2022 Topps Tier One Baseball Cards Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (2) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • Tier One Autographed Cards - (1) in Every Case!! Showcasing the best talent in baseball, #'d to 199 or less
    • Break Out Autographs - ON-CARD autographs featuring members of the 2022 Rookie Class and young MLB superstars, #'d to 299 or less
    • Prime Performers Autographs - Modern day greats and living legends signed ON-CARD autographs, #'d to 299 or less
    • Tier One Talent Autographs - Celebrating players and their elite skills with ON-CARD autographed cards, #'d to 299 or less
    • Next Level Autographs - Multi layered cards featuring MLB elite with on ON-CARD autographs, #'d to 50 or less
    • Clear One Single & Dual Autographs - Greats from the past and present are featured on CLEAR ONE technology and ON-CARD autographs! - #'d to 10 or less
    • Cut Signatures - (25) legends, EACH #'d 1-of-1!
    • Dual Autographs - Signed ON-CARD, #'d to 25 or less & Triple Autographs - Signed ON-CARD, #'d to 10 or less
  • Autographed Relic Cards
    • NEW! Gripping Autographed Relics - ON-CARD autographs alongside game used bat grip tape, #'d to 10 or less
    • Perfect Contact Autographed Bat Relics - Celebrating the best hitters in baseball, these cards will feature game-used bat slice relics, and will be signed directly on the bat, #'d to 5
    • Autographed Tier One Relics - #'d to 99 or less
    • Dual Autograph Tier One Relic Book Cards - #'d to 10
    • Autographed Prodigious Patches - ON-CARD autographs and JUMBO uniform patch pieces, #'d to 10
      • Bat Knobs - With ON-CARD autograph!
      • Limited Lumber - Featuring unique game-used bat pieces paired with an ON-CARD autograph!
      • Signature Tools - Cards will contain a piece of the pen used for signing cards with an ON-CARD autograph!
      • Cut Signature Relics - Game-used memorabilia alongside a cut signature from a legendary baseball talent!
  • (1) Relic Card in Every Box! - Look for Autographed and Patch Parallels!! See attached sell sheet for all parallel information.
    • Tier One Relics - #'d to 399 or less
    • Tier One Legend Relics - #'d to 199 or less
    • Tier One Uniform Button Relics - #'d to 5!!
    • Prodigious Patches - JUMBO uniform patch pieces, #'d to 10
      • Bat Knobs
      • Limited Lumber
    • NEW! Gripping Autographed Relics - JUMBO pieces of game used bat grip tape from some of the game's best hitters!, #'d to 10 or less