2021 Museum Collection FlexBreak-7/3 @ 7:30pm

2021 Museum Collection FlexBreak-7/3 @ 7:30pm

  • $149.99

Total Qty Available : 28

You are purchasing one of up to 30 presale random "FlexBreak" spots in up to a sealed case of 12 boxes of 2021 Topps Museum Collection Baseball. This will break on Saturday, 7/3 at 7:30pm CST on our ThreeStars.live YouTube channel. A total of 36 hits are anticipated.

Random spots will be determined via Random.ORG, with a brief trade period in between. Each spot sold will designate the participant to at least 1 random MLB team, parallels, and hits (autographs, autographed relics).

What is a FlexBreak?

To ensure our breaks will take place, we will break up to 6 boxes of the product (30 total break spots), depending on how many spots sell before our scheduled break time. Spots sold that are not equally divisible will award any extra/bonus spots randomly throughout all participants. Approximately every 5 spots sold will equal 2 boxes of Museum Collection.

You can determine how many total spots have sold at any time: 30 total spots - the spots remaining. When applicable, we will use our current in-store inventory in the event of a partial sellout.

Please review the additional TSBN Terms & Conditions prior to broadcast.