2021 Topps WWE Wrestling Hobby Box

2021 Topps WWE Wrestling Hobby Box

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2021 Topps WWE Trading Cards Box Hits:

  • (2) Hits including (1) Autographed Card GUARANTEED
  • (48) Inserts

2021 Topps WWE Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (2) Hits including (1) Autographed Card GUARANTEED in Every Box!
    • Roster Autographs w/ Parallels #'d from 99 to 1, plus Printing Plates!
    • NEW! Look for the special Hall of Fame Tribute autos of former nWo members! #'d to 25.
    • Tag Team Autographs - #'d to 25
    • NEW! Look for one ULTRA-RARE Locker Room Veterans multi autograph book card to chase!
    • Mat Relics - Featuring event used ring mats from past WWE and NXT events w/ Parallels from 299 to 1, plus Autographed versions #'d to 10 and 1-of-1!
    • NEW! Match Film Strips - This commemorative relic card highlights the most memorable matches in WWE history via a highlight reel film strip like card!
    • See attached Sell Sheet for complete details about ALL Parallels.
  • (48) Inserts in Every Box!
    • NEW! WWE Hall of Fame Tribute - Spotlighting the greatest moments of the newest Hall of Fame inductees, the nWo.
    • NEW! Memorable Entrances - Relive some of the most unforgettable entrances in WWE history!
    • Coolest Mixed Tag Teams - Enjoy some of the most intriguing mixed tag teams!
    • RKO Outta Nowhere - Relive the most devastating, unsuspecting RKOs from outta nowhere with this insert!
  • Base Set 200 base cards featuring memorable Men’s Division matches and moments in recent memory, and some of the greatest Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and NXT!