2019-20 Upper Deck Premier Hockey - 10 Box Master Case

2019-20 Upper Deck Premier Hockey - 10 Box Master Case

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2019-20 Upper Deck Premier NHL Hockey Cards Box Hits:

Configuration: 10 boxes/1 pack/6 cards

  • (1) Acetate Rookie Patch Autographed Card
    • Serial numbering to 249 or less!
    • HARD SIGNED ON-CARD Autographs!
    • See Product Breakdown below for tiers & numbering.
    • Collect Horizontal Variants featuring 50 subjects. Numbered to 99!
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards
  • (1) Additional Autographed Card
  • (1) Rookie Base Card
  • (1) Veteran Base Card

2019-20 Upper Deck Premier NHL Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Acetate Rookie Patch Autograph in Every Box!
    • Numbered to 249 or less! Featuring HARD-SIGNED autographs on acetate stockTier 1 is #'d to 249, Tier 2 is #'d to 149 and Tier 3 is #'d to 99!
    • NEW! Acetate Rookie Horizontal Variant cards feature top rookies! Each is numbered to 99 and sports a HARD-SIGNED autograph!
  • Collectors will swoon over the impressive stable of MEGA PATCH cards in this year's edition of Premier. EVERY PATCH, whether a Chest Logo, a Sleeve Number, a Shoulder Logo or Commemorative Logo, comes from a GAME-WORN jersey. Each card is hand-numbered and none are numbered higher than 25!
  • NEW! Look for MORE HARD-SIGNED content! The beautiful 15-card Pursuing Greatness insertnumbered as low at 10, consists of active stars and the cream of the 2019-20 rookie cropEach card is printed on PREMIUM 140-point stock and offers a massive signing area for a large autograph!
  • NEW! 2003-04 Premier Collection Retro Plexi Autos - An insert that is both RARE and diverse! The 20-card collection is made of up retired legendstop superstars and promising rookiesEach Card is printed on clear pexiglass and offers an ON-CARD autograph!
  • Each Card in the coveted Base Set - Platinum Blue Spectrum Auto Parallel is printed on PREMIUM 60-point stocknumbered to only 3 a sports a HARD-SIGNED autograph from some of the 50 biggest stars in the game today!
  • Memorable Premiers - This insert commemorates the debut game of 30 star veterans and rookies. Each patch parallel card is #'d to just 10 and the photo comes from the player's first NHL game!