2018 Panini Absolute Football Hobby Box

2018 Panini Absolute Football Hobby Box

  • $150.00

2018 Panini Absolute Football Cards Cards Box Hits:

  • (1) Rookie Premiere Materials Autograph
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards
  • (2) Additional Autographs
  • (1) Insert
  • (2) Parallels
  • (1) Rookie
  • (6) Base Cards

2018 Panini Absolute Football Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Rookie Premiere Materials Autograph in Every Box!
    • Begin collecting the NFL's newest rookies who look to make a name for themselvesRookie Premire Material Autos feature some of their first memorabilia autographed rookie cards. Look for variations with four and five swatches of memorabilia!
      • Parallels: Quad (#'d/25), Five (#'d/5), Spectrum (#'d/99), Quad Spectrum (#'d/10), Five Spectrum (#'d/1)
  • (2) Additional Autographs in Every Box!
    • Tools of the Trade - Tools of the Trade features many multi-swatch materials from current NFL stars. Find jerseysglovesfootballspantssocksshoeshelmets and jackets!
      • Parallels: Double (#'d/99 or less), Triple (#'d/75 or less), Quad (#'d/60 or less), Five (#'d/60 or less), Double Prime (#'d/49 or less), Triple Prime (#'d/49 or less), Quad Prime (#'d/49 or less), Five Prime (#'d/49 or less), Double Autos (#'d/50 or less), Triple Autos (#'d/49 or less), Double Autos Prime (#'d/25 or less), Triple Autos Prime (#'d/25 or less), Double Autos Platinum Edition (#'d/1-of-1), Triple Autos Platinum Edition (#'d/1-of-1)
    • Iconic Ink - Throughout the years, there have been many great players throughout the NFL to play on the same franchise. Iconic Ink celebrates those players and their franchises.
      • Parallels: Duals (#'d/99), Trios (#'d/99), Quads (#'d/99), Platinum Edition (#'d/1-of-1), Duals Platinum Edition (#'d/1-of-1), Trios Platinum Edition (#'d/1-of-1), Quads Platinum Edition (#'d/1-of-1)
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • Head to Toe - Head to Toe memorabilia cards are back again this year, getting you closer to the game than ever before. Look for these special inserts that feature helmet and shoe pieces! Also look for giant swatches of shoe pieces in Cleat Combos & Jumbo CleatsHead to Toe Memorabilia Cards are numbered to 99 or less! Look for Platinum Edition parallels #'d 1-of-1
    • Jumbo NFL Shields - One of the most sought-after memorabilia card setsJumbo NFL Shields can be found in this year's product. Jumbo NFL Shields will feature a big piece of football material for collectors to chase! Jumbo NFL Shieldsare numbered to 10. Look for Platinum Edition parallels #'d/1-of-1
    • Canton Absolutes - From Joe Namath to Dan MarinoCanton Absolutes features some of the greatest players to ever set foot on the gridiron. Look for swatches from Hall of Famers such as Dan Marino and Joe Namath in Canton AbsolutesCanton Absolutes are numbered to 199 or less. Look for Prime parallels numbered to 49 or less.
  • (1) Insert Card in Every Box!
    • Introductions - Many players coming out of college look to fill big shoes for their history-filled franchises. Introductions features some of the top rookies coming into the NFL!
    • NEW! One-Two Punch - One-Two Punch makes its debut in Absolute with a bang. It's always a commodity to have two great players on the same team making an impact. One-Two Punch highlights multiple duo combos that cannot be denied!

Release date 9/5/2018.