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Three Stars introduces online group and personal box breaks through our web storefront! This service coincides with our online broadcasts currently scheduled on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00-9:00PM Central, and Sunday afternoons from 4:00-7:00PM Central. Look for group breaks featured in the "Group Breaks" section of the store to purchase your spot now! 

Click here to go to the TSBN YouTube channel, where live and archived breaks take place! basics, or Three Stars Breaker Network, is an added service of Three Stars Sportscards. It enables our customers to take advantage of our online inventory for live personal box breaks, and also allows us to begin offering group breaks of all types to our local and nationwide customers!

Here's how it works (how-to video coming soon):

  1. Pick your individual boxes or group break spots (simply add what you want to your shopping cart, then check out!)
  2. Once your order has been confirmed, access the TSBN YouTube live stream to pick out your box and/or watch the box break live 
  3. Three Stars will break, sort, and ship (or prepare local pickup) of your break for you

Group Break FAQ's

  • What is a group breakGroup breaks allow collectors the opportunity to open sports cards in a lot of different ways, and are different from buying individual boxes in two ways: volume and variety. A group break allows full cases, specialized mixers, and more to allow collectors the opportunity to participate, usually at a lower price than purchasing the break contents themselves. 
  • What are the differences between a "pick your team" (PYT) and "random" break? Pick your team, or PYT, breaks, are intended for customers who collect a specific team. By buying the team in advance, they are confirming that all of those team's cards from the break belong to them. Random team breaks award purchased team spots at the beginning of the break, ensuring equalized odds for all customers.
  • What are the other kinds of group breaks TSBN offers? Hit Random breaks award random hits from the break at the end of the break. Case of Base breaks are variants of either PYT or Random breaks, awarding all base cards from the break to a single customer (via Random.ORG). Other break styles will be detailed on the individual product's description, as applicable, and further detailed in the TSBN Terms and Conditions.
  • I bought into a group break. Now what? If the break is scheduled for a later date, your spot is confirmed! Simply join the broadcast during the scheduled time to watch it opened live. If the livestream has already begun, we will confirm your break spot during the broadcast and before the break begins.
  • I didn't get the team I wanted in the random break. Before the break takes place, there's a brief (5-minute) trade period that allows you to trade your team to anyone else who is willing to accept. Trades will not be accepted after the break has begun, so make sure you sign in to watch the YouTube stream on the TSBN channel!
  • I bought a break spot, but didn't get any hits. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee every purchased spot in our breaks will receive a hit from the break. We use a variety of different factors (team popularity, market pricing, product checklist, overall odds, etc.) to ensure fairness and transparency in our breaks. Customers who did not receive break hits will be entered to win TSBN consolation prizes (to be awarded at TSBN's discretion). Please read the TSBN Terms and Conditions for more details.
  • I bought a break spot, but didn't get any cards. Some break descriptions detail whether base cards are sorted and/or shipped, usually based on consumer demand (examples could include Bowman paper base cards). Customers who do not have any cards from their break will be entered to win TSBN consolation prizes (to be awarded at TSBN's discretion). Please read the TSBN Terms and Conditions for more details.
  • One of the break cards has more than one team showing. When applicable, team randoms take place at the end of the break between all break participants for hits (i.e. autographs, relics, numbered cards) where there is no clear majority owner of the cards (i.e. more than 50%). The original dice roll (when applicable) determines the number of times the list of claimed teams is randomized, and the card is awarded to the top participant after the dice roll is completed. Team randoms are not applicable for unnumbered inserts, parallels, and base cards with multiple teams listed; these cards are awarded to break participants from left-to-right (if applicable).

Individual Box Break FAQ's

  • I just bought a box to be broken live during the broadcast. What now? If the box was purchased prior to the next broadcast, it will be opened live during the broadcast according to the current break schedule. If the box was purchased during the current broadcast, it will be opened live as time permits (on either Wednesday or Friday). We will make our best effort to break the incoming boxes in the order they were received, but cannot guarantee same-day box breaks (in lieu of existing orders in the queue).
  • I want to pick my box number/location from your in-store inventory. As time permits, we will make our best effort to accommodate your box choice from our store's inventory, with a live camera displaying the box retrieval once an order is received, and/or the ability to select the box from the newly received inventory. We'll wait a brief time after newly placed orders before randomly awarding boxes via Random.ORG. Boxes are randomly selected numerically from top-to-bottom, then left-to-right, then front-to-back, as applicable.
  • Do you price match? Our store prices are identical to our in-store inventory and are competitive with similar retailers in the hobby. The TSBN individual box break service also includes flat-rate national shipping, with free local pickup, toploading, sorting, and shipping, Because of this, no further discounts on individual box breaks can be offered; however, there may be promotions, offers, coupons, and more discounts offered as part of the TSBN service. Review the TSBN Terms and Conditions for additional details.
  • I bought the wrong box; I want to get something else instead. If the product has not yet been opened, refunds are allowed. However, the order is placed "on hold" in lieu of Three Stars' refund policy. 
TSBN Terms & Conditions

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