2020 Topps Chrome Jumbo Baseball Flexbreak

2020 Topps Chrome Jumbo Baseball Flexbreak

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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Get $10 off spot price at checkout when purchasing FlexBreak spots on 7/29 and 7/30!

You are purchasing one of up to 28 presale random "FlexBreak" spots in up to a 8-box sealed case of 2020 Topps Chrome Jumbo Baseball. This will broken on Saturday, August 8th at 8:30PM Central on ThreeStars.live YouTube channel. Random spots will be determined via Random.ORG, with a brief trade period in between. If all 28 spots sell, we will award 2 bonus teams for free between all break participants.

What is a FlexBreak?

To ensure our breaks will take place, we will break up to 1 full case of the product (30 spots), depending on how many spots sell before our scheduled break time. If we do not sell the full case before the scheduled break time, we will prorate our break to include the number of spots while reducing the amount of product funded by the break. For example, in a 30 team random break, if we only sell 15 spots, we will break half of the amount of boxes allocated, but award each participant 2 teams instead of 1. Spots sold that are not equally divisible will award any extra/bonus spots randomly throughout all participants. We will allocate the amount funded by this break with Topps 2020 Chrome Jumbo, but may designate alternate boxes to equal the amount of spots sold.

You can determine how many total spots have sold at any time: 28 total spots - the spots remaining.

Breaks that are not fully sold out are not guaranteed as a sealed case break. When applicable, we will use our current in-store inventory in the event of a partial sellout.

Please review the additional TSBN Terms & Conditions prior to broadcast.